Everyone is unique and has their own personal tastes. However, just as women have certain characteristics that they seek out in men, there are equally qualities that men look for in women with whom they want to start a serious relationship. In fact, what one gender is looking for is not necessarily so different from that which the other wants. If you are a woman over 50 looking for Mr. Right, discover the qualities that most men search for in a partner.

She is playful and funny

A good sense of humor can be really attractive. Neither age nor gender matters when it comes to having fun with the person you’re sharing your life with. If you are not so great with jokes, don’t worry. You don’t need to play video games with him either if you don’t enjoy them. There are a huge variety of ways to be funny and playful. For instance, teasing him, playing a good game of pool together or even dropping in a little bit of cheeky sarcasm from time to time, are all things that can make you irresistible.

She is independent

Men over 50 enjoy being with independent women who inspire them because they have done, or are doing, interesting things in their life. They prefer to be with someone who has goals and ambitions. They don’t want to be with a partner who is too placid, dependent or too willing to give up everything just to spend time with their loved one. Although setting aside time and space in your life for your partner is essential when you are in a relationship, it is just as important to maintain your own hobbies, interests, and friends.

She is self-confident

One of the greatest things about aging is that you have the chance to get to know yourself better than you did when you were in your twenties. Confident women who know what they want and what they don’t want are very charming. People who constantly feel insecure, as well as those who have trust issues, will, unfortunately, experience more hardships and instability in their relationships. Naturally, everyone has moments when they feel a little down or lost and we all need the support of our partners from time to time. However, if this need for help and reassurance is too constant it can become overwhelming and can create an unhealthy dynamic, as well as a bad feeling, within the couple.

She is emotionally stable

Being older has its benefits. Knowing how to deal with your emotions is one of them. Studies show that men and women over 50 experience more positive emotions than younger people. When it comes to settling down, men prefer to be with an emotionally stable partner who knows how to manage their negative feelings. In fact, sharing the life of someone who is constantly angry, worried or stressed can be exhausting. A relaxed and enthusiastic attitude on the part of both partners will give them a much better chance of building a strong and happy relationship.

She is attractive

Being attractive is not only about physical appearance. What men (and women) seek is someone they can feel passionate about, someone they can experience a little “spark” or “chemistry” with. Attraction is something that can’t be forced, though, and every individual has their own tastes and preferences. A woman who is attractive to one man might not be to another. It is a combination of qualities such as self-confidence and a good sense of humor, attitude (being spontaneous and mischevious, for instance), as well as physical appearance, that, all together, seduce a man. Sometimes, it takes several dates for a connection to build. This feeling can be triggered by little things, for instance, a man might find his date particularly attractive when she talks passionately about painting, or even when she becomes a little over-competitive while playing ping pong.

She is intelligent

Being open to having stimulating and deep conversations, as well as being capable of discussing a wide variety of topics, are both important for keeping a relationship fresh and exciting. Most people enjoy being intellectually challenged by their partner and the excitement of a good debate also helps to strengthen their connection. Superficial conversations tend to become quite boring after a while and they also don’t really provide you with much of a chance of getting to know and understand the one you love.

She is friendly and warm

Friendship is essential at all ages, and being sociable – or at least trying to be – is definitely an important personality trait to have. When involved in a long-term relationship, men like their partner to also be their best friend. Not only someone with whom they can have fun, but also someone they can share their thoughts with. Furthermore, mature men might have their own group of friends that they like spending time with. If they are thinking about settling down, they’re likely to opt for someone who is social and who will make the effort to spend time with their mates.

She shares the same values

For a date to become a love story, people usually gravitate towards those who share the same beliefs or political values as they do. You don’t need to be on the same page all the time. However, long-term relationships tend to work better when both partners hold similar opinions about what’s important and valuable – for instance, family, marriage, and tolerance of others.

She is reliable

A man who is looking for a serious relationship wants to find someone who will support them in the pursuit of their dream and ambitions. They also need to be with a partner who will be there no matter what. Marriage in mind or not, a relationship works as a partnership when both lovers make the commitment to be present whenever the other needs them.

Finally, the most important thing is to remain yourself. Don’t try to be someone you’re not just to please others!