Staying active is definitely the key to keeping fit as you get older. Studies show that people who keep fit have less chance of getting diabetes, suffering from a stroke or heart disease and becoming depressed.

Exercising is a good way to keep you supple and pain-free. If you join a club, it will help you to meet new people and if you take up walking, it gets you out of the house.

30 minutes, five days a week is a good activity rate to aim for. If you don’t want to join in any organised activity, you can exercise at home or outside on your own. There are now a number of fitness apps that you access from your phone that will help you to get started and stay motivated:

Couch to 5K

This app aims to get you running in 9 weeks. It was especially designed for people who don’t normally exercise and it takes you through a daily programme, which starts you off walking and then running for only 20 seconds at a time. Over the weeks you build up the distance you run, until eventually, if you persist, after 9 weeks you should be able to run 5 kilometres without a problem. It can be used on android and iPhone devices.


This app will give you all the information you need whilst you’re walking or running. It monitors your speed, your distance and calories used. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or someone with more running or walking experience, you set your own pace. If you like a challenge you can set yourself a goal and the app will tell you how far along you are from achieving it. iTreadmill is an app for iPhones.

Pocket Yoga

If you want to practice your fitness regime at home and you don’t want anything too strenuous, then the Pocket Yoga app is ideal. It has plenty of information for beginners. A calm voiceover will lead you through the different poses and there’s background music to make you feel relaxed.

All you need to do is pick your level, the duration of the class, get out your yoga mat and you’re ready to begin. Pocket Yoga is for Android or iPhone devices.

The Walk Fitness Tracker Game

This app was created by the NHS and the Department of Health. It’s a story that you follow over 51 episodes and the idea is to get you walking 10,000 steps a day while your part of the adventure story.

The app has various fitness levels and it maps every walk you do. You have to collect clues and information. Just put your phone in your pocket or your bag and start the adventure. The Walk Fitness Tracker game is for Android and iPhone users.

My Fitness Pal

If you’re trying to lose some weight and get fit at the same time. My Fitness pal is a great app that tracks your activity and calorie intake. It has a log which you fill in with your daily activity and what you’ve eaten.

My Fitness Pal will give you a personalised diet profile and you can read all about how other people are getting on in the discussion forums. My Fitness Pal is for iPhone and Android devices.

Speedo Fit

If you enjoy swimming, then this app can help you track your progress by monitoring your distances and activities. All you need to do is log into to the dashboard, enter the amount of lengths you have completed and any other details you want to add. You can set yourself goals, talk to friends or discover the best pools in your area. Speedo Fit is available on iPhone and Android.

Fitbit One

The Fitbit one is worn on your wrist and it tracks all your movements throughout the day. It can tell you how many calories you’ve burned, how many steps you’ve done and how far you’ve walked. You can set your own goals and the Fit Bit will show you how far you are from achieving them. The Fitbit One works with Android or iPhone devices.


This is a fitness programme especially designed for the over 50s. The app consists of a number of workout routines, which you can do at home. It includes exercises to help you regain your flexibility, build up your strength and improve your balance and your endurance. Fitivity can be used on all Android devices.

Bike Hub

Bike hub doesn’t monitor your fitness, but what it does is tell you about the cycle routes that are available wherever you want to go. If you use your bike to get around, it will give you the fastest routes to places you need to go. If you want a quiet bike ride for pleasure it will give you routes for these too. It’s a very useful app and should encourage you to get out on your bike. Bike Hub is only available for iPhone users.


If you want to start keeping fit with friends, then Endmondo is a great app for keeping in touch. You can download the app with friends and then follow their progress and challenge them to something new. You can use the app for walking, running, whilst on your bike or hiking. Whatever activity suits you. Endomondo is available on Android or iPhone devices.

To obtain the apps go to the Google store for android users, or the Apple store if you have an iPhone and you can read more about the app and download it from the store.