Discover how to create the most beautiful looks for older skin

You want to look your best. Especially if you’re thinking about re-entering the dating scene after a long break. But as we get older, our skin changes. Those looks that felt great at 30 just don’t look amazing today. Caring for older skin and learning how to apply makeup that is flattering and effective is a skill. One that we have to relearn as we enter our 50s and 60s. Remember though, the trick is to enhance your natural beauty, not turn back the clock. Luckily, we have brought together all of the makeup tips you need to look amazing. Explore them below, and get ready to feel fabulous when you head out on your next big date.

Close-up view of unrecognizable aged woman holding mascara brush in front of mirror in bathroom

Feed Thirsty Skin

Before you even think about applying makeup, you should be taking the time to feed thirsty skin. Mature skin tends to be dry, so choose an intensely hydrating night cream and day cream. You should also ensure you are drinking plenty of water. When makeup is applied to dry skin, it tends to sit heavily in pores and lines, giving a dull, flat appearance that is aging. Soft, supple skin is key to achieving that sought after ‘glow’. Never neglect your moisturizing routine.

Choose a Primer

A primer is an essential building block of your look and should always follow your moisturizer and come before your foundation and concealer. Choose a primer that is suited to your unique skin type. You will find moisturizing, anti-aging, pore-minimizing, and many other targeted primers out there – don’t be afraid to try a few until you find one that you love. Primer should be smoothed gently on before your foundation and a great one will soften fine lines, reduce redness, and create a smooth, supple base for your foundation.

Too Much Foundation is Aging

It’s easy to hide behind our makeup as we get older. Taking the attitude that more is always more when it comes to covering aging skin. The truth is that you shouldn’t be hiding anything, makeup is there to enhance who you are, not make it disappear. Plus, caked-on foundation is incredibly aging, clinging to every line and pore. In fact, you may not need a foundation at all. Today, BB and CC creams offer great light coverage options. BB creams offer a lighter alternative to foundation – often with moisturizing skin benefits built in. While CC creams offer help with reducing redness. They are often the perfect option for a daytime look. If you do choose a foundation, go for something with a moisturizing, dewy finish – it’s very flattering on older skin.

Be Sparing With Concealer

Similar to foundation, a heavy hand with concealer can draw attention to the parts you wish to minimize rather than keeping them under wraps. Apply concealer lightly, just in the areas where you need it most. Treat dark areas, like under eyes with a light-reflecting concealer. For lines and wrinkles, choose a specialist line-smoothing or anti-aging formula.

Check Your Tones

As we age, our skin generally becomes paler, so you may find that your foundation feels too dark and the colors you choose on your eyes and lips feel too harsh. Soft, warm colors with honey undertones are often flattering on aging skin. While harsh black or smoky colors feel aging. It’s best to visit a beauty counter to get specialist advice on the tones which are most flattering to your skin type. When it comes to foundation, it can be useful to choose a tone or half a tone warmer than your natural skin color to prevent the appearance of looking tired or drawn

Keep Eyebrows Soft

Strong eyebrows are all the rage today, but for women who grew up in the 60s when pencil-thin brows were the only look in vogue, it can be tricky to achieve. Especially as our eyebrows naturally thin as we get older. The trick here is to not go too heavy, and gently fill out brows with a pencil in a warm shade to add definition without feeling harsh. A soft eyebrow cream or pencil is best for achieving this look, and don’t forget to use an eyebrow comb to blend.

Apply Blush Higher and Brighter

A really simple trick to achieve immediate lift is to apply your blush just a few millimetres higher than you usually do. Concentrating on the top of the apple and the cheekbone. It’s also worth switching over to a cream blush for a softer and more natural finish that you can blend easily. If possible, try to find a cream blush with a hint of shimmer, as this will add instant and natural-feeling highlights to your face.

Start Highlighting

In the past, shine was the enemy of a great makeup look. Today, finding your ‘glow’ is an important part of a modern makeup finish. A highlighting product can help you to add targeted shine and create flattering angles. However, it’s very easy to overwork this look and end up looking overly shiny. Think about the places where light naturally hits your face. The browbones, cheekbones, and bridge of the nose are all good places to add subtle highlights.

Go Easy on Eyelids

The skin on the eyelids is thin and is prone to suffering from the effects of aging earlier than other parts of the face. But this creping effect can make it more difficult to apply eye makeup, with shadow and eyeliner appearing jagged or uneven. The first step to overcoming this problem is to invest in a good eye-makeup primer. This will make it easier to apply product and keep it in place for longer. White liner applied to the edge of your top lid can also help eyes to appear more open and ‘awake’. Opt for an eyeshadow cream rather than powder as this will sit more forgivingly on older skin. Then choose brown or charcoal shades for eyeliner that will appear less harsh than black gel products.

Avoid Lipstick Bleeds

As we age, fine lines can appear around our mouth, causing lipstick shades to leach out and create an untidy effect. Use a lip liner to prevent bleeding and use a brush to apply the shade. Work from the center of the lips outwards to create a professional finish. Don’t be afraid to go bold with lip color looks, this an area where you can let your personality shine.

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