Maybe you recently found your 50+ match, or maybe you’ve been dating for a while now, and want to organize something nice for your couple this summer. Whether it’s just for fun or for a special occasion – let’s say your partner’s birthday or your couple’s anniversary, a romantic picnic is always a good idea during this time of the year! It can be thrown as a little attention and be casual, but it can also be used to celebrate something special for the both of you and be more sophisticated. Either way, here are 5 steps to have a successful romantic picnic this summer!

How to throw a romantic picnic for senior couples

Step 1: find the perfect location

What’s great about picnics is the proximity with nature. And nature definitely offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to splendid locations for a romantic picnic! According to your preferences, you can choose to go to the park, near a body of water, by the beach, in a field, in the mountains, and even on a rooftop! Use search engines on the Internet to find hidden or quirky spots where you can sit and eat with your lover. Does your location allow you to watch a beautiful sunset after your dinner? This is also a question you can think of if you want to have the most romantic picnic ever.

Step 2: choose convenient recipes

You want to bring easy-to-pack and easy-to-eat meals so that everyone can enjoy the picnic without struggling with their food. You can, of course, order or buy something you both like but if you have some time and/or you (and your partner) enjoy cooking, don’t hesitate to bring your homemade deliciousness. There are many mouth-watering savory and sweet picnic recipes out there that you can make quickly and without spending a lot of money.

Step 3: don’t forget about the drinks

Drinks are very important for a romantic meal, even if it’s a picnic meal. So don’t forget to bring one or two bottles of homemade juice and plenty of water. You can also skip the juice and opt for some wine or rosé, which is very refreshing and perfect for the summer! And why not bring some tea or coffee? You already knew iced tea existed, but did you know iced coffee is just as good? If you’re not into iced coffee, you can purchase self-heating coffee mugs.

Step 4: bring some picnic decorations

Here comes the fun part: decorations! Your romantic picnic doesn’t have to consist in just a regular blanket thrown on the grass. You can actually get very creative and set up a specific atmosphere by incorporating pillows, trays, candles, string lights and flowers! Pinterest will provide you many inspirations, whether you and your partner are more into the bohemian vibe or the tropical vibe trending at the moment.

Step 5: entertainment

It can be as simple as a speaker to play your favorite songs, or a board game or a deck of cards. But there are many other possibilities and, again, you can get very creative here. You can bring a guitar over to sing along together, or prepare some magic tricks to surprise your soulmate! You can paint or you can swim, but the goal really is to have fun together.


Oh and here are some more picnic essentials: glasses and cutlery, a trash bag, paper towels and hand antiseptic gel. And now you’re ready to enjoy your romantic picnic!