If you are curious about social media but don’t know where to start, here is a quick guide to help you pick the best social apps for you. In fact, there are many social apps out there and they can all seem confusing at first but once you know what they do, you can have fun with them or create amazing opportunities.

When you want to stay in touch with your friends and family

The main interest of social media, as the name suggests, is to connect people with one another through words, photos, videos and let’s not forget the very popular stickers. The most famous and probably the most versatile platform is Facebook and its app Messenger, as they offer so many different features. You can use Facebook to stay in touch with your friends and relatives and it’s also known to have allowed old friends, or even siblings, to reconnect after years and years apart.

If you only want to have enhanced conversations, Viber and WhatsApp are apps you can download. Just as Messenger, they allow you to send text and vocal messages, as well as to make calls and video calls for free wherever you are on the planet. Viber also has public conversations you can join.

When you are a creative or need inspirations

Whether you started or want to start a blog, or you’re an artist, you may want to use social media to promote your activity and show your work. The best app to use in this case is certainly Instagram, a visual platform where you only post photos and graphic images with hashtags, and which is ideal if you want to build or find an engaged community. With its 400 million daily active users and its new collection feature, Instagram is also a good place to find inspiration.

However, you may want to check out Pinterest, the equivalent of Google for DIYs and creative ideas, or YouTube to find specific video tutorials. Both allow you to easily share your findings thanks to chat boxes.

When you want to boost your career

If you want to develop your activities (professionally speaking), but haven’t registered on LinkedIn yet, you really have to do it now. It allows you to be visible to potential clients, talents, suppliers, and recruiters. You can also find job offers on LinkedIn that you won’t find elsewhere. If you use it well by creating an optimized profile and by sharing insightful content, you can really make your skills stand out.

You can also find exclusive job offers on Twitter if you follow companies where you would like to work. Even if there isn’t much engagement on this platform compared to other social media, it is a powerful tool for self-employed workers who try to find ways to highlight their expertise. But you can use it for other purposes: Twitter is the best place to follow journalists, politicians and themed accounts.

When you want to get intimate with someone

And what if you used social media for romantic purposes only? If you have found your 50 plus soulmate and want to spice up your relationship, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship, try to use apps. Your children and your teen grand-children won’t probably like it, but using Snapchat can be very fun for you and your lover. You can send photos and videos that your partner will only be able to see once and for a limited time (a few seconds), or you can video call them.

And if you didn’t know, there are social apps designed exclusively for couples, like Avocado and Between. Besides texts and photos, you can generally share your calendar with your significant other on these apps, as well as events and to-do or to-buy lists.