Every woman has her own unique preferences when it comes to men. Some value them for their sensitivity or their gift for conversation. Others fall for their strength and the sense of protection they provide, while some women prefer more nerdy or introverted guys. It’s totally subjective. However, there are certain fundamental personality traits that the majority of women tend to look for in their men.

Being funny

It’s not that surprising, but most women love men that make them laugh. No one wants to be serious all the time. Making little jokes and teasing each other like we did when we were kids can be irresistible. Having fun can also make life feel a little easier and lighter. In fact, it is just like having a nice time with a great friend!

Being sensitive

A man who opens up and shows his vulnerability can make a woman’s heart melt. Women adore when a man is being honest and when he shows that he feels close enough to them that he is willing to share his feelings. This is a clear sign of trust.

Being supportive

When you’re in a relationship, you want your partner to have your back and to help you deal with every little drama that might occur in your everyday life. You also want to be sure that your partner will be there if and when a more serious problem arises. Women like knowing that their lover will be their rock. That he will be like a best friend who, no matter what, will do anything to help them out. They also appreciate being with someone who supports them in the pursuit of their dreams and ambitions.

Being a true listener

Women want to be with someone who really listens to what they say. They like being able to share their problems or every little thing that might have happened throughout their day. A man who takes the time to stop whatever he is doing and react to what his lover says, as well as showing her empathy and compassion, is a good partner. Remembering things she’s said, for example, getting those tickets for that play she mentioned three months earlier, can also make her melt.

Making plans

What’s better than a man who makes the effort to plan the perfect date, a surprise party or a weekend away with his sweetheart? A woman adores this kind of thing. She sees it as a demonstration of her man’s affection and as a sign that he enjoys taking the time to please her. On top of that, it makes everyone happy!

Being reassuring

After a tough situation at work or an argument with the family or a friend, a woman (or a man, for that matter) needs someone they can talk to. Someone who remains calm and finds the right words with which to reassure them. They value men who take the time to listen to and understand them.

Dressing up

Let’s talk about clothes now. Women also love when men make the effort to dress a little smarter. Jeans and a t-shirt are fine for a beer with friends but when you are out with your girlfriend why not opt for your well-fitted suit? While they are not necessarily the best outfit for a first date, wearing one from time to time is great, for instance, when you’ve been dating for a few months (or years) and you want to do something special. Not only does a suit make a guy sexy and attractive, it also shows that they are still willing to go all out in order to seduce their darling.

Showing their affection

According to a recent study, men fall in love faster than women. Whether that is true or not, women usually adore a passionate lover who enjoys being affectionate. Kisses and cuddles are simple things but are key to happiness in a relationship. Men are also irresistible when they are doing everything possible just to make their sweetheart happy, even if it’s just preparing her a tea because she is feeling unwell.

Being confident

Women prefer confident men. Overconfidence, however, is not a good thing, as it can often seem like arrogance. While the need for reassurance is perfectly normal from time to time, women tend to go for a man who believes in himself and not someone who is constantly looking for validation and incapable of taking decisions.