Discover how to make your older hair shine.

Gorgeous hair is a fast way to an instant confidence boost. It helps us feel like our best selves and leaves us prepared for anything the world can throw at us. But as we age that dramatic swish of healthy hair can become harder and harder to achieve. This is because as we get older, our hair changes; the colour may fade, it becomes drier and often thinner, it could even become prone to breakages and lose its volume. You may also notice your hair grows much more slowly than it used too. All of these symptoms of aging hair can cause a headache for women who want to look amazing whatever their number. But you don’t have to give up the hair battle yet, with the right TLC, your hair can look gorgeous through every decade. We have brought together the 5 top tips for looking after your hair in your 50s and beyond.

Hairdresser cutting senior client’s hair at beauty salon

Keep it Nourished

Older hair tends to be very dry and very thirsty. So, whatever your previous routine, make sure you nourish it regularly with hair masks and deep conditioning treatments. If your hair is very fine, though, keep the conditioning treatment to the ends to avoid weighing it down. This extra hair love will not only help your hair feel better but will also prevent breakages and make styling much easier.

Consider Embracing the Grey

The first sign of aging hair is often the loss of colour. And while that has many of us reaching for the dye bottle, grey or white hair isn’t the mark of aging that it used to be. In fact, grey hair in beautiful condition and with the right cut is incredibly desirable. With women in their 20s and 30s choosing to go grey way before their time. And while grey isn’t the right look for everyone, it’s definitely worth considering. Your hairdresser can even enhance your natural silver tones to give it more impact.

Choose a Flattering Cut

There is no universal style for ‘women of a certain age’ and women of every age bracket rock all kinds of hair lengths and styles. But you may discover that your go-to hairstyle just doesn’t fit you in the same way as you enter your 50s, and find yourself looking for a new way to express yourself. Shoulder-skimming hair is often a flattering style for older women, especially with face-framing layers and bangs. This style adds body to fine hair and softness to your face. But don’t choose a style without first figuring out what works well for you. Instead, work with your hairdresser to find a new look that is all your own.

Embrace Texture (Or Add It)

Texture works really well on older hair, creating body and adding interest. So, if you have a natural head of curls or waves, embrace them using a smoothing hair product to keep fly always under control. If you’re blessed with pin-straight locks, then grab a volumizing spray and your curling irons or a heated brush to add a little wow factor.

If You Do Colour – Consider Blonde

For many reasons, some women choose to keep their grey hair under wraps. If you’re one of them, you should think twice before choosing darker colours to cover up. Dark hair colours can look very severe against older skin and may be more aging than your natural grey. They also require almost constant touch-ups, as pale roots are a pain to keep under control. A blonde wash will work much better with naturally pale hair and be much more forgiving when roots appear. Whichever colour you choose, make sure you head to the salon for a professional dye job. Older hair, and particularly grey hair, can need special treatment to get the colour just right.

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