Outdoor date ideas

These dates are doable in any season and most importantly, they also can work very well for potential couples. So if you are looking for first date ideas that are not expensive, nor boring, here are some suggestions:

1- Be tourists in your own city

Sometimes we tend to forget that our city has its hidden gems too. So go explore it with your partner and find out little streets or gardens you’ve never been to before. Also, together, learn the history behind the monuments. It will cost you nothing and it’s extremely refreshing!

2- Go hiking

If you both want to escape the bustling city, hiking is an amazing occasion to spend a quiet and relaxing time together without spending money. Not only will you appreciate being close to nature, but you will also keep your heart healthy!

3- Go ice skating

You can go ice skating for free and whether you already feel comfortable on the ice or not, we bet you will love every minute of it! Besides, ice skating dates are usually extremely fun and who doesn’t want some fun?

4- Take a night ride

At nightfall, grab some snacks, maybe take a throw blanket with you too, and ride to a hilltop. From there, watch the city lights (or the stars if you are lucky enough to see them), while having a lighthearted conversation with your lover.

5- Go to an opening exhibition

If you both appreciate art, going to an opening exhibition can be an excellent inexpensive date idea. Furthermore, you’ll meet new people so who knows? Maybe you’ll end up making new senior friends !


At home dates

When we hear inexpensive date ideas, we usually think about at-home dates. Indeed, there are many activities you can do from the comfort of your home and the good news is, they can be just as exciting as going out !

6- Do a game night

You can play some timeless board games, or you can opt for something more modern like Wii games, which are very amusing too. Make some appetizers, open a bottle of good wine and feel free to reinvent the rules for more laughter.

7- Have an at-home spa night

You don’t need much for a successful at-home spa date. Simply run a bath, massage each other and that’s it! If you’re feeling a bit extra, you can light up a few candles, use one or two bath bombs and serve some chocolate covered strawberries.

8- Get cooking or baking

Challenge each other to cook or bake something you’ve never eaten or made before without exceeding a budget. You can even challenge each other to cook something surprising from whatever’s left in the fridge and in the pantries. So, who’s going to be the winner?

9- Throw a picnic

Picnics are generally best in the spring and in the summer, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to throw a nice romantic picnic when it’s cold too. You can make a warm soup and some smores for a super cozy date.


Inexpensive date ideas you can do at home or outside

You don’t always have to choose between staying in and going out. There are also activities you can do both inside as well as outside and without spending much money. So, let’s say the weather is so bad you don’t feel like stepping outside anymore. You can improvise an at-home date !

10- Do karaoke

Whether you’re doing it at home wearing your comfy pajamas (or a sexy outfit!), or you’re going to a karaoke bar, singing your all-time favorite songs is always a good idea ! Even if you’re a little bit shy at first, you will quickly enjoy yourself.

11- Do a movie night

Go to the theater or list titles of classic movies, foreign movies or horror movies you haven’t seen yet, and watch some of them while snuggling under a soft blanket. You will probably fall asleep before the movie ends but that’s part of the activity, right?

12- Learn new dance moves

You can find many dance tutorials online, for example on YouTube, and start learning new dance moves with your partner. You can also attend a dance class for free or without spending a lot of money.