Think dating and marriage is just for young people? Think again.

Love isn’t something that only strikes in your twenties and thirties. It’s for everyone at every age. As more people in their 50s and 60s hit the dating scene, the number of later life marriages is blossoming. In fact, the marriage rate for over 65s is rising while the younger generation are taking longer to say ‘I do’. There are many reasons for this rise in older newlyweds from growing acceptance around divorce and later-life dating to people concentrating on their careers and passions before turning their attention to romance. Whatever the reason for this boom in senior love, we say embrace it! We took a closer look at some of our favorite celebrities who have headed down the aisle after their 50th, 60th and even 70th birthdays!

1. Steve Martin and Anna Stringfield

Comedian and ‘Father of the Bride Actor’ Steve Martin shocked guests who had been invited to his home for a party in 2007 by telling them they were actually invited to a wedding! It was a second marriage for Martin (61 at the time) who shared the special day with his bride, writer, Anna Stringfield. They met when Anna was working at the New Yorker and Steve was invited to write a piece for the magazine. Since their surprise nuptials, the pair have welcomed a baby daughter. She was born in 2012 when Martin was 69.

2. Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart

Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart met at the 2002 golden globes and despite an age difference, Ford was 60 and Flockhart was 38, there was an immediate connection. Rumour has it that she spilled wine over him when they were introduced and sparks flew. They married 8 years later and have been inseparable ever since. Ford talked about finding love later in life in an article with Hello! Magazine, saying, “Romantic love is one of the most exciting and fulfilling kinds of love and I think there is a potential for it at any stage of your life. I was not surprised that I was able to fall in love, and I wasn’t surprised that I did.”

3. Paul McCartney and Nancy Shevall

Paul McCartney’s love life has been well documented over the years. He lost his beloved first wife, Linda to breast cancer before enduring a highly public relationship with Heather Mills. But it seems that his third marriage to US businesswoman, Nancy Shevall has helped him to find happiness and contentment in later life. They married in a simple ceremony in 2011 when he was 69 and she was 51.

4. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi

DeGeneres may be the most successful chat show host on the globe, but she didn’t discover the love of her life until well into her 40s. The pair met back in 2000 but things didn’t turn romantic until 2004 when DeGeneres was 46 years old. Despite a 14 year age difference, the pair are reported as having one of the most solid marriages in Hollywood. They both said ‘I do’ in 2008, shortly after same-sex marriage became legal and when DeGeneres was 50.

5. Antony Hopkins and Stella Arroyave

Welsh superstar Hopkins married antique dealer, Arroyave on St David’s Day in 2003 when he was 65. And the pair celebrated their nuptials with some truly A-list guests. Steven Spielberg, Nicole Kidman, and Winona Ryder were rumoured to be amongst those in attendance. It was a third marriage for the actor, but it seems like he is incredibly happy with his Colombian-born wife, saying, “Everyday she wakes up happy. She’s very positive about everything. I learnt from her just to take life as it comes. So I live my life in non -expectation.”

6. Daryl Hannah and Neil Young

The ‘Splash’ star and singer shocked fans in 2018 when it emerged they had been secretly married. Hannah was 57 and Young was 72 when they tied the knot. The pair had been dating for four years before they wed, reportedly in a small private ceremony on a yacht in California. At a film festival in Texas, Young said, “We’re very lucky to have found each other. I’m eternally thankful for the opportunity to share my life with her.”

7. Elton John and David Furnish

After being in a relationship for more than 25 years, Elton John and David Furnish are one of the most iconic celebrity same-sex couples. They met back in 1993 at a dinner party and fell in love very quickly despite a 15 year age gap. They entered a civil partnership in 2005 when John was 58 and married in a lavish ceremony in December 2014. The pair share two children who they welcomed via surrogate – Zachary and Elijah.

8. Barbra Streisand and James Brolin

When Streisand and Brolin met back in the 90s, they both had failed marriages behind them, but they would go on to be one of the most enduring power couples in Hollywood. They married in a star-studded ceremony in 1998 when Streisand was 56 and have now celebrated more than 20 years together. It seems like it continues to be one of the happiest marriages in showbiz, with Brolin saying, “We’ve been in heaven for 20 years, so it works.”

9. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

It may not have been a fairy-tale ending for two of the most beautiful people in Hollywood, but they definitely had a good run. They famously met on the set of ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ when Pitt was still married to ‘Friends’ star, Jennifer Anniston but that didn’t stop sparks flying. They would go on to share a brood of 6 kids and marry in August 2014 when Pitt was 50 years old. They divorced just two years later in 2016 despite being together for nearly a decade.

10. Robert Redford and Sibylle Szaggars

Redford and Szaggers are an example of a couple who have been together for a long time but waited to say ‘I do’. The actor and German artist started their relationship in 1996 but didn’t marry until 2009 when Redford was 72 and Szaggers was 51. The small ceremony took place in Hamburg with just 30 guests in attendance. The actor, who is notoriously private, said that his new wife (who is 19 years his junior) helps to give him a fresh perspective on life. “She’s younger than I am (in her early 50s), and European, which I like, so that’s a whole new life.”

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