Would You Stop Dating When You’re Old?

As you’re approaching midlife, you may be wondering “should I forget about love and seduction for good after a certain age?” or in other words, “would I stop dating when I’m old?”.
We come across this kind of questions quite a lot and most of the time, it’s women who ask them.
That’s because on the one hand, there is this set of preconceived ideas according to which older people should stay married, or don’t have any sex life, or don’t want to hit on anybody anymore, etc. But of course, people over 50 do need sex and attention just as much as their younger counterparts and many of them still aspire to true love.
And on the other hand, there is this popular belief, sexist belief, which consists in thinking that while men yield powers of seduction as their hair is turning grey, women should become invisible or even undesirable as they’re aging. But once again, we all know over 50 women who look stunning, who go after what they want, who are strong and who decided to start their love life all over.
So, when asked “would I stop dating when I’m old?”, our answer, as you probably guessed, is a big no and we’ll tell you why.

Dating when you're old, possible or impossible?

Why dating isn’t over after a certain age

Being “old” doesn’t happen overnight

You don’t wake up on your fiftieth of sixtieth birthday saying “well that’s it! I’m old! It’s time for me to completely change my mindset and from now on, I’m only going to confine myself to my role as a grandmother”.
It doesn’t happen like that. Plus, at 50 years old, men and women rarely feel old. They feel lively, they have personal and professional projects they’re working on and they’re willing to enjoy life to the fullest.
No, nothing changes. As you’re going through life, you will continue to wake up each day carrying approximately the same hopes and desires. So if you’re longing to meet the right man to start a committed relationship with, or if you like to simply spend some good times with men, your feeling won’t change simply because the candles on top of your birthday cake show a certain number.

You won’t be the only senior person in the dating scene

Tours and cruises for single seniors, dating agencies for seniors, online dating websites for seniors… the increasing demand from 50 plus singles to have more dating and socializing options proves at least two things:
- Firstly, that there are many single seniors out there and they’re also searching for love or companionship ;
- And secondly, that nowadays, there are several different ways to meet new people later in life, so lack of opportunities can’t be an excuse.
Yes, you may not go out as much as you used to in your twenties and yes, men may not automatically assume you’re single so they’re less likely to hit on you, but that doesn’t mean you’ll never meet other singles.
It just means that dating as a senior has its perks and that you will need to adapt some of your dating habits as you’re progressing in life. But guess what? That’s not specific to a particular age group.

You can fall in love at any age

Love has no age limit so would you stop dating when you’re old? Absolutely not! You never know when you’ll fall in love and who you’ll fall in love with.
You can develop strong feelings for a man at any age, when you’re a teenager as well as when you’re in your fifties or in your sixties. Or even after that! The only thing is, you need to let such thing happen. For example, you can tell your friends you’re single and want to find love again, you can reconnect with old friends, you can join one or more activities so that you can meet new people. You can also try to meet the one on a senior dating site but most importantly, you have to be open-minded as you could meet the right man through friends of new friends or after talking with someone that is not exactly your type.
You don’t have to retreat into solitude because you’re middle-aged or older. You have many years ahead of you, you can celebrate life by giving and taking love.

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