Tips to Find the Right Person for You on a Dating Website

Yes you can find true love online, that’s why more and more people choose to register online dating websites to facilitate their quests. However, it can be challenging to actually find the right person. If you are new to this system, you may feel like your conversations aren’t leading to anything concrete, or if you have been using dating sites for a while but still haven’t met the one for you, you may wonder if there are any serious members out there. If you are looking for a lasting, serious relationship, there are some tips to help you adopt the right mindset and finally find love online!

Online dating advice to help you meet the right person for you

1- Choose the right site for you

It all starts with the right dating website, as each of them offers different features and attract different types of people. To stack all the odds in your favor, you then have to investigate in advance in order to find out which website(s) is more likely to meet your needs. For example, you can choose a dating site for people in the same age group as you, like, which is dedicated to singles over 50. They will show you a selection of members better targeted towards your search criteria.

2- Know what you want in a future relationship

If you are searching for a casual relationship or even a one-night stand, that’s totally fine. But if you want a serious relationship, you have to let others know. They say we attract who we are, so if you actually give the impression that you don’t take dating lightly, you will naturally attract similar profiles.
At this stage, don’t be afraid to miss out on anything or anyone. Instead, know what you want and make it your guideline for dating. This way, you won’t find it hard to ignore people that are indecisive, disrespectful or uncommitted.

3- Let your personality shine

Don’t neglect your online profile because, as said earlier, it’s best to give the impression that you are, indeed, looking for something serious and fulfilling. Take 5 or 10 minutes to make your dating profile amazing and don’t just type out vague adjectives to describe your personality or to describe your ideal partner. Be specific on 2 or 3 elements by telling a brief story.
And most importantly, your goal is to attract someone to build a long term relationship with, so be authentic! Let your personality shine, not only through your profile, but also through your conversations. You want to attract a few people who genuinely like you for who you are instead of a lot of people you can’t be yourself around.

4- Start a conversation

It can be intimidating to reach out to others, but luckily, you are on the Internet and it should give you more confidence to start a conversation with strangers. If a profile caught your attention, don’t think twice before taking action. The other person will undoubtedly appreciate your initiative, especially if your first message is thoughtful and shows that you’ve read their profile before hitting send. Whether you’re a man or a woman, never be shy when you are interested in someone. Take your chance, don’t always wait for them to contact you.

5- Make interesting conversations

“Hi, what do you do in life? What are you looking for on this website? What do you like to eat?”. Yes, you may not be able to avoid those questions when you first talk to your online matches, but don’t let the rest of the conversation be too shallow. Your mission is to assess the potential of your match to know if they can turn out to be the right person for you. You want to know whether or not you can get along over time, if you have things in common, if you have the same values or principles that will allow you to build something together. You won’t have answers unless you ask relevant questions that require in depth discussion.
For example, you can ask why they chose a specific career, what they like in a relationship, what matters most to them and why, etc. If you both feel comfortable, ask them also about their goals in life or about a specific anecdote from their past.

6- Don’t wait too long for the first date

The more you interact with your match, the more likely you will get attached to them because, as time passes, you will both start to fantasize about one another. The problem with that is, if you have never met each other before, you will only be falling in love with an image, not a person, and in that case, reality can strike hard.
While your conversations should be rich (that’s why it’s important to quickly skip small talk), it’s better to keep them short. You shouldn’t be talking to each other for weeks and weeks or for months before finally meeting. If you feel like they could be the right person for you, you can offer a first date. And in the meantime, don’t stop talking to other people to avoid putting all your eggs in one basket.

7- Go on more quality dates

Don’t be afraid to talk to many people online, as long as they meet some of your main criteria (see advice number 2). In fact, online dating profiles are only a snippet of one’s personality at a given moment so you have to discuss with several people to have a better understanding of them.
However, when it comes to meeting them in real life, less is more and you can be selective. You want to figure out first if this person really seems serious and reliable and if you will both have things to say on the first date. You can even have a phone call with them before taking the relationship further. To avoid wasting your time, go on less dates but when you do, make sure there is a good connection between you and your potential partner.

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