Our Guide to Creating a Great Profile for Online Dating

Dating websites keep gaining in popularity, especially amongst baby-boomers who think they are more practical and more effective to find a serious relationship after 50. However, it turns out standing out from the crowd to attract interesting matches online can sometimes be difficult. So to increase your chances of meeting the right people, the first thing to do is to create a great and genuine profile by following these 4 simple steps.

Creating the perfect profile for online dating

Step 1: Carefully choose your user name

Without you realizing it, your user name on a dating website actually plays a role in attracting the right people to your profile. That’s why it’s best if your user name stays simple and easy to read. Many members choose their nickname or just add a number at the end of their real name as a pseudonym, which makes life a lot easier but it’s not very original. On a platform where everyone has basically the same goal (to find a match and eventually starting a relationship), every detail can be used as a tool to help you show your best qualities. Don’t be afraid to get off the beaten track and pick a user name slightly different from the usual.

Step 2: Upload a flattering profile picture

Your profile picture is what matters the most in your online dating profile. Profiles that feature a picture are viewed up to 5 times more than those without a picture, and that is because they appear more reliable. Your photo is unique, unlike your age and your city, and it allows the other users to put a face to a pseudonym. So, uploading a flattering profile picture is just as important as taking care of your appearance in real life to make a good first impression. Good quality photos that are clear and bright are the best photos to upload. There are also a few trends users tend to prefer when it comes to posing for online dating, such as a radiant smile on a woman’s face, a charming smile on a man’s face and a full body photo over a selfie.

Step 3: Write a honest and complete description of yourself

Don’t rush to complete your online dating profile, take your time to choose the right words because it can make a difference. You also have to be honest about yourself if you want to attract other people, who are more likely to get along with you in the long run. Feel free to mention something special about you or to add a little humor. Besides, the more information you put in your profile, the more chances you have to get contacted by other users because they will be more inspired to write the first email. And lastly, don’t forget to spell check before saving!

Step 4: Say what you want in a future partner, not what you despise

Sometimes, users like to state what kind of partners they absolutely don’t want to deal with in the future, thinking that would prevent these types of people from contacting them. And yes, it’s a good thing to try to avoid wasting your time with people who don’t deserve it, especially if you’ve had a bad experience with an ex. However, you want to meet someone who values you, not just someone to replace your ex, so doing so may not be the best technique. What you want to do instead is to encourage the right types of people to come to you by stating what you specifically like and what you’re looking for.

And voilà! These were the steps you can follow to create a great profile on a dating website and now, you can have fun chatting with the other users.

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