How to Successfully Begin a Romantic Relationship after 50

Past the first dates stage where you learn to appreciate each other, the beginning of a more serious relationship is always exciting, but can also be a bit confusing. Everything is new. You can’t wait to know everything about your partner. Additionally, it sometimes feels like being on an emotional rollercoaster: you may be very happy one moment and then suddenly racked with doubt and uncertainty the next.
Whether this is your first relationship for a while or not, here are a few tips to help you successfully begin a romantic relationship after 50.

Tips to start a successful relationship

1. Learn from your experiences

First of all, you need to know what you want from this relationship, and, just as importantly, what you are not willing to accept. As a mature man or woman, it's likely that you will have already experienced other relationships, both long and short, and perhaps even a marriage.
Were you married to someone rather narcissistic? Learn to recognize this kind of person and how to avoid them. In your last relationship, perhaps you moved in together too quickly and ended by splitting up? Don’t repeat the same mistakes again. Take the time to really think of what you are looking for and what could make you feel complete and happy.

2. Express what you want

Are you looking for a serious relationship? Although you’ve probably already mentioned that criteria on your online dating profile or during one of the conversations on your first dates, it’s best to make your expectations known from the start. Your partner needs to be clear about what they are looking for too. It’s always beneficial to raise this matter, even several times.
Even if it's important to take the time to know what you want, don’t wait for your partner to make the first move! Knowing that you are on the same page and expressing this clearly will help you to feel more certain of your partner's feelings, as well as to know that you can trust each other. This is vital for building a strong relationship!

3. Respect each other’s space

At the beginning of a romantic relationship, whether we are 20, 40 or 60, we get butterflies in our stomachs, we are constantly thinking of each other and we want to spend every minute together.
However, even if you love being with your partner 24/7, it is essential that you give each other some space from time to time. This is the start of a relationship, therefore don’t rush things too much and try to take your time. Additionally, don’t overwhelm your significant other with a ton of messages or calls. You need to respect each other’s independence. Bear in mind that this is just as important after several years in a relationship as it is when you're just starting out!

4. Show your affection

Being in a relationship requires showing that you care for each other. There are several ways of demonstrating this: by words, by touching (kissing, hugs, sex) or by little displays of kindness such as buying a bouquet of roses or preparing breakfast in bed.For your senior partner to feel truly loved, it’s best to demonstrate your feelings in lots of different ways. Saying 'I love you' regularly is nice, but if there are no other signs of affection, this magical phrase finishes by just being words.
Listening to each other and paying attention to what your partner say is also vital in a relationship. It shows that you care about them and that they are important to you.

5. Be true to yourself

Sometimes, when it comes to dating and starting a new relationship, you might be tempted to act differently when you are in front of the object of your affection, in order to impress or seduce them. This is usually a sign that you’re lacking a little self-confidence.
Being in a relationship means accepting each other for who you are and being able to be yourself. If your partner doesn’t love you for who you truly are, they are not the right person for you.
If you are looking for a long-term relationship, open up and share yourself fully. You can’t hide forever, constantly afraid to show the different sides of your personality, as well as your beliefs, foibles, and tastes.
This works both ways, so avoid trying to remodel the person you’re dating. Give them a chance and try to see the best in them. Accept them for who they are or date someone else!

6. Dare to disagree but manage conflicts

Conflicts are perfectly fine in a relationship, and are even healthy to a certain degree. What matters is how you manage them. The ability to disagree with your 50+ soulmate and share your thoughts serenely, without screaming, while at the same time listening to their point of view, contributes to building a stronger relationship.
On the other hand, raising your voice and becoming aggressive when your partner says or does something that does not please you could lead your relationship in the wrong direction. Talking and listening are a great way to help calm and solve any frustrations or misunderstandings.

7. Try different things together

This is the beginning of the relationship, when everything is new and exciting. You may not live together yet and therefore find yourself meeting at each other’s place or somewhere else that you both like. These moments are precious, as they allow you to learn more about each other’s life and you probably have many things to say to each other.
A tip to discover new things about each other is to change the meeting place and try different activities outdoors or indoors. Apart from having dinner in a restaurant or a drink in a pub, you could go to the cinema, enjoy a little stroll, visit a museum, become tourists and discover the sights of your local town, go on a boat cruise or head off on a romantic weekend together. The possibilities are endless! Not only will this allow you to have lots of fun, it will also help you to discover new sides of each other you never knew existed.

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