How to Make Senior Friends After 50

Many seniors feel that making friends at their age is hard. Everyone seems too busy with their own lives to spare much of a thought for anyone else. If the children have left home, feelings of loneliness can be even more intense. On top of that, opportunities to meet new people become rarer after 50. However, if you’re feeling lonely, know that you’re not the only one. Your situation is not hopeless and there are many ways to meet new people. Here is our best advice for making friends when you are over 50.

Making new friends after 50

1. Engage in conversations with strangers

The problem when you’re isolated is that you seem to lose your social skills and forget how to interact with other people. However, even if you don’t go out as often as before, there are still plenty of ideal occasions to start a conversation with strangers. You still go grocery shopping, receive mail, get gas from the station or take the bus. The postman, the baker, the grocer, the person queuing in front of you - all of them are potential friends. Why not start a conversation with them? They might be interesting and fun. And even if, eventually, your efforts don't lead to a friendship, you can still mark it down as excellent practice for the future!

2. Join a group

Remember how much easier it was to make friends when you were a child and at school? Well, why not kill two birds with one stone? Meet people and learn new skills at the same time by taking a class (painting, cooking or computing, it’s up to you!).
You could also make the most of your interests and join a book club or a walking group, if this is what you enjoy doing. Starting a conversation with strangers is always easier within the context of a smaller group, even more so with people who share the same interests.

3. Find friends online

If you enjoy using social media such as Facebook, why not try contacting your old friends again? Catch up on each other’s news, chat a little and fix a date to talk about old times! If you are not on any of the social networks yet, consider registering, as this is a great way to stay in contact or meet people. You could also join online groups for people over 50 looking for friendship. There are plenty of them!
Another idea is to search for friends on a dating website. For instance, on, you can find people living in your area. You’re able to read their profile to see if you share the same interests. And if you think you could be friends, send them a message and start chatting with them!

4. Travel with other seniors

It’s incredible how much easier it is to start a conversation when you’re traveling. Perhaps this is because you’re more relaxed (and therefore, more receptive), and so are the people you’re meeting. On top of that, the solo travel market is huge. It’s the same for the senior travel market.
You’ll notice straight away that fifty plus people are everywhere, whether they are participating in organized/escorted tours, boat cruises, holiday clubs… The thing is that most people over 50 love traveling. Discovering the world is definitely the best way to make new friends.

5. Be a volunteer

Another great way to meet people is to volunteer for an association, your local community, a charity shop or church. It depends on how much you want to get involved, as well as your interests. Check on the internet and in your town to see what you could do to be useful and help others. There are so many options available!

6. Look after your grandkids

If you are a grandparent and your grandkids don’t live too far away, why not pick them up from school or take them to the playground? You’ll have plenty of opportunities to spark up a conversation with other adults, and perhaps with other grandparents. Ice breakers are easy - just talk about your grandchildren and ask them questions about theirs! If you go there regularly, you’ll probably start to see the same people over and over again and enjoy the chance to get to know each of them a little bit better.

7. Don’t hesitate to ask for their number

Keep your phone close and be ready to take it out of your pocket to write down your new friends’ numbers. If you’ve met someone interesting, be brave enough to ask them for their contact details and the opportunity to see them again. You have nothing to lose and if, finally, nothing comes of it, it’s really not a big deal.

8. Ask them out

Someone needs to take the first step, right? Pluck up the courage and take the initiative! Whether it be the other seniors at the book club, some nice people you met on a cruise or the friendly man that was sitting next to you on the plane, be bold and invite them for dinner, to see a play or to a garden party. It’s up to you!

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