How to Recognize a Good Match Online

Now that you have registered on a dating website, it is time to look for senior singles. But, what with hundreds of other 50+ members online, the search may seem arduous: How can you recognize those who might be a potential partner?
Of course, the best way to find out if they are a match is to actually meet them. However, you can improve your chances of meeting Mr. or Mrs. Right (and save yourself some bad surprises) by learning how to recognize potential matches online.

1. They live close to you

A long-distance relationship can be tough to manage and endure. Talking to each other via email, video chat, phone calls or instant messaging, as well as only seeing each other once a month or so, can soon take its toll.
Long-distance relationships are not doomed to fail, though. It depends on those involved and the type of relationship they are looking for. Some might be satisfied with dating someone living at the other end of the country, while others will look for a man or a woman they can see more often.
However, if you are looking for a long-term relationship, the distance might become an issue. That’s why gives you the option to search for a mature match located in your area.

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2. You find them attractive in their picture

Looks aren't everything. It’s also true that Photoshop can miraculously improve a photo. However, if their dating profile picture attracts you, this is definitely a good start.
Of course, remember that reality does not necessarily correspond to the picture provided. First dates provide the potential for both pleasant and unpleasant surprises when it comes to physical appearance! Therefore, don’t hesitate to ask your potential match for a few more pictures.

3. You have the basics in common

Although you can’t truly get to know a person by reading their brief profile, there is certain information that you can look for. If religion is important to you and you're looking for someone who shares the same beliefs, for instance, you can check if they follow the same faith. Another important detail to take into consideration is whether they are looking for a serious relationship or not.

4. You have common interests

Her favorite movie is Gone with the Wind, she is a fan of jazz music and so are you? He practices sport every day, just like you? If you are looking for a long-term relationship, you need to look ahead and envisage whether a shared future could be possible with this person.
Couples work better when they have common interests. This will allow you to have more things to talk about during your first dates or phone calls. You will also have more activities to enjoy together, if and when you start seeing each other.

5. They ask you questions about yourself

Now that you’ve sent them your first online dating message, you might be communicating regularly, whether this be by email, instant messaging or phone. If, during these conversations, your potential senior match is asking you questions about yourself, you can take this as a good sign. They want to know more about you. If they aren't very inquisitive about your life, there's a strong chance that they are just not that interested in pursuing a relationship with you.

6. They don’t take a long time to answer to your emails

They take more than a week to reply to your messages? Bad sign. Of course, they could just be busy or on vacation. But if this is not the case, they might not be that into you. If on the contrary, they answer instantly or within a reasonable amount of time, they probably enjoy chatting with you and want to get to know you better.

7. You want to know more about them

FThis might seem obvious, however, it’s not unheard of to lose focus when you are contacting several people at the same time (which is perfectly fine where online dating is concerned). After you have read their profile and have chatted a little, do you find that you want to get to know them better? Do you still want to meet them? Ask yourself the right questions.

8. They ask you out

The purpose of online dating is to meet fairly quickly, in order to know whether you are a potential match or not. Reading their profile and chatting is not enough to know whether a relationship is possible. Moreover, most people who are on dating websites contact several people at the same time. If they ask you out, you’re probably one of their favorites.

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