Dating in Your 60’s, What is It Like ?

Being single in your sixties doesn’t mean you will stay alone forever. 60 is actually a great period to start a new love life considering all the benefits that come with this age. In fact, your perspectives on love change, the way you enjoy sex changes also and overall, your relationship with yourself and with others are improved. Dating in your 60’s can be fun and we’ll tell you why.

You have new perspectives on love

At 60 years old, you can say you have lived a lot of things in every aspect of your life, good and bad, whether on a personal level or on a romantic level. So, obviously, what you seek for in a relationship has also changed by this age. You don’t have the same vision as when you were in your twenties, when you needed approval and burning passion, nor when you were in your late thirties when your children were still part of your love life equation. At 60 years old, many seniors don’t believe in love at first sight and are not looking for short-lived relationships. They want a life partner they can share good times with. They want a reliable companion so that they can have a good run together.

The good things about dating after 60

However, some sixty-somethings are more into casual dating because their past relationships may have been tumultuous. And precisely because of what they have lived, they may want to be in love and start a new relationship but without living with the person. They want to stay independent, which can be understandable after years of marriage and common life. And there is nothing wrong with enjoying life and living new adventures, footloose and fancy free, especially if you don’t have children at home anymore or if you don’t work anymore.

Sex means less stress and more pleasure

After 60, intimacy also changes but not necessarily in the wrong way. And contrary to popular beliefs on seniors, baby boomers do still enjoy sex and try to find time for it. They grew up knowing that sex shouldn’t be so taboo, that pleasure has no age limit. In reality, what changes is the purpose of sex. When physical performance and orgasm may have been the focus in the past, partners in their 60’s are craving for a deep connection between them and live those intimate moments as a celebration of life.
Dating and having sex in your 60’s then means placing greater emphasis on gentleness and awakening of the senses. Moreover, your body doesn’t become less sensitive to touch with age, it’s quite the opposite as you find more meaning to sex at 60. It cannot be stressed enough that keeping a thriving sex life throughout the years is not only important for your couple, but has also many health benefits and is good for your mood.

You won’t meet new people unless you are willing to

Once you’re done with your college years, meeting new single people who you might be interested in and vice versa becomes more and more difficult, let alone if you've stopped going to work. When you are a senior, you don’t just meet your soulmate by accident, you have to actually go out there and let people know you are looking for a romantic partner. So if you want to get back into dating, you’re well advised to organize and participate in as much social gatherings with friends and friends of friends as possible. Think also about sports clubs, art workshops and volunteering as ways to end loneliness.
Of course, there is also the option of using the internet, which can be easier and even more efficient. There are many dating sites for seniors on the web and they are the perfect places to find other single sixty-somethings with the same interests as you. You can also find many good advice online on how to set up your profile or on how to write a good first message if you don’t know how dating websites work.

More emotional maturity for a happier relationship

As time goes by, you have gained experience in matters of love and you know exactly what you’re looking for in a partner, as well as what mistakes you should avoid in a relationship. You have also gained in maturity, especially emotional maturity, and that is something everyone in their 60’s should value. Knowing why you feel a certain way, knowing yourself and knowing how you should be treated is one of your best assets when it comes to dating. It’s called insight and that’s what allows you to choose the right person for you and what helps you build a healthy relationship.
Your late 50’s and early 60’s are the best times to start a brand new relationship. Not only do you feel more free to make choices at this age, but you have also developed useful romantic skills along the way, which you can use to thrive in a relationship. If you think about it, dating in your 60’s can be a wonderful thing. You just need to trust yourself enough and be optimistic so that you are more likely to feel confident with the idea of dating again.

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