5 Simple Ways to Show Your Love

Many people don’t know how – or are afraid - to explicitly tell their significant others that they love them. It doesn’t affect the intensity of your love, it’s simply because opening up about your deep feelings can be extremely hard if you are shy or reserved. Yes, saying “I love you” takes courage, especially at the beginning of a relationship. Luckily, there are other ways, simple ways to show your love to your partner and they aren’t just alternative options. In fact, those “tricks” are necessary for your relationship to work successfully. Not only will they help keep the flame alive but thanks to them, you will both see you’re not taken for granted.

Simples ways you can show someone you love them

1. Say thanks and give compliments

We tend to forget to say thank you, yet “thank you” are such powerful words when you want to build a long lasting relationship. Of course, you want to say thanks for simple acts of the daily life such as a precious help, a service, a small attention, etc. But once in a while you can also say “thank you for being here, for being with me and for supporting me” or “thank you for listening to me and for making me laugh”. You want to show your partner that you appreciate and cherish all the efforts he or she makes for you.
On the same note, giving compliments is important because your partner wants to be the best version of himself or herself for you. That’s what love is all about. So when you compliment your significant other on their looks, skills or manners, it’s basically like saying “you are the one for me”.

2. Help them out

Helping someone out, even for the smallest thing, is a true declaration of love because you dedicate your time and energy to make that person happier. And mostly, because it clearly shows that you care for that person. Of course, it’s not about doing all the work for them or doing everything together (you both need to keep your independence for a healthy relationship). Rather, it’s about giving them a hand when they’re overwhelmed and when there is something they really can’t do but you can.

3. Take their hand when they don’t expect it

When you go for a walk with your partner, even if it’s not specifically a romantic walk on a scenic road, take his or her hand in yours. They may be a little bit surprised but they will love it for sure. You can also surprise them with a kiss on the forehead, a gentle touch on the arm and the waist… or with a big hug! There is no rule as the goal is to show physical love to your partner when they expect it the least.
If it’s one of your first dates, this technique is ideal to get closer to your match without having to awkwardly explaining how much you are interested to them. Sometimes, saying nothing is the best thing.

4. Make small but meaningful gifts

We are not talking about Chirstmas gifts, birthday gifts, Valentines gifts, or any event relating gifts. We are talking about spontaneous gifts, the ones you decided to make after you caught sight of that coffee mug when you were at the mall and which she would absolutely love. Or the ones you decided to make because you saw a deal on an activity he has always wanted to try.
If you are a crafty person, making DIY gifts for your partner is also an excellent idea because they will be even more thoughtful. It’s just one of the many simple ways you can show your love and attention to someone.

5. Watch their favorite TV show with them

You may have opposite tastes when it comes to TV shows but if your partner is particularly keen on a specific show, try watching it with him or her. Ask them questions about the characters and show them you are open to learn more about the things they like. They will love sharing that moment with you and people generally feel happy when they can share their interests with someone else.

Of course, those are not the only ways you can show your love. Listening with undivided attention to your partner, talking to them, sending them random texts are also simple but great ways to express your feelings.

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