12 Signs You Have Found Your 50+ Soulmate

Sometimes, when you meet someone, you quickly feel that there is something special happening between the two of you. Finding love, as well as being in a relationship with somebody who truly loves you for who you are, is rare.Starting a relationship after 50 is particular, as you both have lived a life full of stories before ending up together. You've been involved with other people and perhaps have also been married and have had children. Whatever your past experiences, there are usually certain tell-tale signs that suggest you have finally found your 50+ soulmate, whether you met on a senior dating website, at work or at a friend’s party.

senior couple outdoors

1. You can be yourself with your partner

Your partner simply loves the way you are. He is crazy about your noisy laugh, she likes your stupid jokes, she loves your body how it is today and he finds you beautiful without any makeup on.When you are with your partner, you don’t need to pretend to be someone you are not. They accept (and adore) your uniqueness.The thing is that we tend to hide our faults at the beginning of a relationship. If you’ve passed through that phase and you are still together, congratulations!

2. They are your best friend

You can talk about everything together. You are on the same page for most things and you take pleasure discussing your job, your family, the books you are reading or the movie you watched. In addition to being your confidante, they are also your rock. You know that when you go home after a bad day they will be there to support you.

3. You feel younger

With him or her you feel like a kid again. You laugh, you tease each other, you have a constant smile on your face. In short, you are so happy that you look 20 years younger.

4. You argue from time to time but you respect each other’s opinions

Arguments within a couple are normal and they are actually a good sign. Feeling free to express your different opinions, to put across your point of view and to disagree with them without fighting are all signs of a healthy relationship, as long as you know when to draw the line. Communication and listening to each other are key to keeping your relationship healthy.

5. You love each other in spite of your faults

When you love someone, you accept the whole package, faults included. These make them who they are. If you have learned to accept and even embrace your partner’s flaws, your relationship is on the right track.

6. You make projects together

Whether this is to travel to Argentina next summer, to move to the south of France or to marry each other, you are equally comfortable making both short and long term plans. Additionally, your life goals are the same and you imagine your future together.

7. You feel like you know them better than anyone else

Sometimes, you feel that you know them so well that you have the impression that you have created them in some way. A simple glance at them and you know what they think or feel.

8. Silence does not bother you

A sign to know whether or not you are made for each other is the way you react to silence. Not feeling uncomfortable when you are both quiet (for instance, in the car or in the living room while reading) as well as not feeling any pressure to talk to each other, means that you’ve arrived at a point in your relationship where you feel secure with each other.Conversely, the need to say something and always fill the void by starting a conversation may indicate a little awkwardness between you which would be worth addressing before it becomes an issue.

9. You really care about each other’s feelings

Regardless of whether they feel sad, anxious or extremely joyful, you tend to feel it too. Being in a relationship means sharing the highs as well as the lows. If being present for the other no matter what feels natural to both of you, it’s a good sign.

10. You share the same values

Although disagreeing on certain topics is perfectly fine and even healthy, it’s best to be with someone who shares the same political views or religion. However, having different beliefs is not necessarily a problem, as long as you both accept and respect each other’s point of view.

11. You respect each other’s alone time

When you meet a man or a woman over 50, chances are that both of you already have your own activities and group of friends. Whether this is hiking, heading off to the gym or having a glass of wine with some senior friends, you respect each other’s independence. Also, as you trust each other, both of you feel secure enough not to experience jealousy when you do things separately.

12. They accept your past and family

You have children, grandchildren maybe, an ex-husband or ex-wife and perhaps even a few skeletons in the closet. If you trust your partner, you may well have felt confident enough to share your personal backstory with them. Now, they know everything (or almost everything) about your life. If they love your family and accept the mistakes that you’ve made, lucky you! You certainly have a bright future ahead with your significant other.

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